DATA Steel Pipe Industries (Pvt.) Limited was established in 1993 by Speedways Group of Companies. The equipment was commissioned in June 1995 while formal commencement of production was initiated in the same month.
The plant is located in Sadiqabad, Dist Rahim Yar Khan, in the heart of Pakistan and strategically located near the oil and gas fields. The plant is equipped with the most technologically advanced spiral steel line pipe manufacturing and coating facility. All activities of the steel pipe plant as well as the coating plant are strictly controlled as per ISO 9000 requirements as well as API Q1 requirements. In addition to API and ISO certification, DATA Steel is the first and only company in Pakistan to have APIQR accreditation as well.
The plant is spread over 100,000 square meters and includes all ancillary equipment in addition to all quality control equipment for steel pipe, such as ultrasonic, real time x-ray, hydrostatic testing, end x-ray as well as quality control lab and equipments for the coating plant.
The maximum annual production of the steel pipe plant is approximately 200,000 metric tons in diameter ranges from as small as 6" to as large as 140" in thicknesses ranging from 4 mm-22 mm in Grades up to and including API X80. It is the only steel pipe plant in Pakistan to have manufactured pipe in excess of 100".
Coating Facilities
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