To meet the petroleum industry's demands for simpler, more flexible and combined quality system registrations, API established APIQR and received fulll-accreditation from the Registrar Accreditation Board (RAB) as an ISO 9000 Quality System Registrar. The American Petroleum Institute Quality Registrar (APIQR) is API's newest quality program that supports API's mission of providing world-class service and support to the global petroleum industry. APIQR quality system registration services complements API's other existing standards-based quality programs, the API Monogram and Petroleum Test Laboratory Accreditation Programs (PTLAP).
Today, more than 1,200 companies around the world are licensed to use the API Monogram on the equipment they produce for the oil and gas industry. However, only a select few are registered as APIQR ISO 9000 certified. This sets DSPIL apart from other companies, which have API certificates. API Monogram and PTLAP participants and other companies whose quality systems meet ISO 9000 requirements and pass an on-site audit may display APIQR's Registration Mark, confirming that their quality systems meets international standards.
Our total commitment to quality enables us to have a comparative advantage as compared to others and also increases our profitability. Subsequently, the consistent high quality of our products helps to boost the competitive strength and profitability of our customers as well.
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World Class standards ensure a world class system which, in turn, ensures world class results
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