Quality can be sometimes regarded as something vague and it may be sometimes difficult to decide whether improvements in production actually lead to improved quality in the finished product. We, at DATA STEEL, therefore measure the quality of our product the whole time. Before the pipe leaves the mill area it undergoes various checks to qualify it as a 'quality product'.
The following tests are some of the tests that are performed on the pipe as per specifications:
·Ultrasonic examination per AWS D1.1, ASME sect 5, API 5L and ASTM E273
·Radiographic and radioscopic examination per AWS D1.1, ASME sect 5, API 5L, API 1104, ASTM E94 and ASTM E1255.
·Magnetic Particle examination (if required) per AWS D1.1, ASME sect 5, and ASTM E709.
·Liquid Penetrant examination per AWS D1.1, ASME sect 5, and ASTM E165 (if required)
·Visual examination per ASME sect 5.
·Hydrostatic Testing as per API 5L.
The pipes are then inspected at the final inspection stand where the whole history of the pipe id checked. The pipes that are found to be in total conformance to the specified requirements are then weighed and the lengths are measured before being transferred to the skids for delivery.
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