To meet the added requirement of the line pipe industry and in keeping with its commitment to provide the highest quality product, DATA Steel provides state of the art coating facilities to meet all requirements of the client.
The coating plant is capable of applying multi-layers of coating. This comprises of fusion bonded epoxy (FBE), co-polymer adhesive and high/medium/low density polyethylene/polypropylene. This is in addition to applying a single layer of FBE on the external surface of steel pipes.
The coating is performed on pipes ranging from 150 mm to 1600 mm in nominal diameter in thicknesses ranging from 4.8 mm to 25.4 mm. For pipes of sizes beyond this range, please contact our customer liaison department, which may be able to meet your additional requirements.
The coating plant has a capacity of coating pipes at a rate of 250 square meters per hour (or 600,000 square meters per annum based on single shift operation). The applied coating exceeds the quality requirements of DIN 30670, DIN 30678, CSA Z245.20, CSAZ245.21, NFA 49-710, NFA 49-711, prEN10285 and prEN10286.
All activities of the coating plant including production and testing are controlled through the same rigorous quality assurance system maintained in the pipe manufacturing facilities. All activities of the coating plant meet or exceed the ISO 9001:94 requirements.
For details regarding the advantages of using 3 layer systems and other additional information about this form of corrosion protection, please use the sub-link on the menu.
Coating Facilities
Now all Data Steel Pipes are shielded from corrosion and the abrasive properties of the environment
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